Fee Policy Changes
As of October 1st, 2017 we are instituting a new policy regarding our creative and download fees.  Creative fees for single song edits will be reduced to $15.00 per track; however, creative fees for multi-song mixes will now increase to $10.00 per song in the mix with a minimum of $30.00.  All music file downloads not provided by client that Marquette Productions must download from any source other than client email or fileshare service, will incur a fee of $5.00 per file. Thanks for your understanding.
Helpful Hints and Tips
Deciding where to make cuts can sometimes be overwhelming.  I recommend focusing on the overall structure of the piece.  Think about how you want the dance to build in it’s context and then choose your cuts.  While the construction of music has evolved a great deal, we still have verses, choruses, bridges and now the hook.  Cutting around one of the latter three gives you a repetitive marker to work with and make clean edits that will build your piece to your desires. 
Karaoke Anyone?
Sometimes the best way to eliminate vocals is to find a quality karaoke track and overlay the original version where you need to.  I’ve found some very high quality tracks with and without backing vocals at www.karaoke-version.com and on iTunes.  Remember you can always ask questions for free. Contact me at jason@marquetteproductions.com for all of your music editing conundrums.
Emerging Artists
We love discovering exciting new musical artists as well as up and coming choreographers pushing the boundaries of their art form. If you find something you’re excited about, sent it our way and we’ll post it here!
We recently were made aware of this outstanding musical talent and just had to share her with you.  Be sure to check out her website at www.butterscotchmusic.com ENJOY!