Helpful Hints and Tips

Figuring out how to end a song can sometimes be the hardest part of editing.   I suggest listening for an accent in the song where you want to end and using features in your software like Reverb or Delay to let the song fade out in a more natural way.  You can also always add a sound effect like an explosion or something unique and appropriate to the song to add to the character of the piece.

Karaoke Anyone?

Sometimes the best way to eliminate vocals is to find a quality karaoke track and overlay the original version where you need to,. I've found some very high quality karaoke tracks with and without vocals at  Remember, you can always ask questions for free.  Contact me at for all of your music editing conundrums.

What's New!

The new season is coming up fast and Marquette Productions is growing with you. Starting in the fall of 2015, we will be offering video editing services!  Create dynamic videos for your website and recital or create audition videos for your graduating seniors.  Email
for more info.

Rate Increases

Starting July 1st, 2015 our pay as you go rates will be increasing as follows:
Single Song Edits: $25.00 per track for 5 sections of music 
Multi-Song Mixes: $15.00 per song for 3 sections of music per track
Our package rates will stay the same making them an even greater value!

Emerging Artists

We love coming across and sharing new and exciting musical artists as well as up and coming choreographers pushing the boundaries of their art form. We hope that they inspire you as much as they do us! Tell us about someone you think we should know about!